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Limberg and Dufourmentel Flaps

Rhomboid transposition flaps

blog 2The ideal treatment for pilonidal sinus disease would have a short hospital stay, low primary wound failure rate, low recurrence rate and restore quality of life. Current evidence suggests a flattened natal cleft with a lateral scar satisfies at least two of these. One way of achieving this is with a rhomboid transposition flap.

A recent study concluded: “Dufourmentel flap method could be used as an alternative to Limberg flap method in treatment of pilonidal sinus because of its lower infection and hematoma rates, although time of hospitalisation, late complications and recurrence rates are similar compared to Limberg flap method.”

Limberg flap (1946) is suitable to close a rhomboid defect with angles of 60⁰ and 120⁰. The short diagonal is extended by its own length and an incision parallel to one of the sides completes the flap. The defect can be considered as two equilateral triangles. As such, the distance between any two points on the design is the same as the short diagonal. Whether the lower part of the Limberg flap incision is lateralized by 1cm or 2cm may not be important.

Dufourmentel flap (1962) is used to close a rhombus defect composed of two isosceles triangles. For practical purposes, the flap takes off at an angle of 150⁰ to one side of the defect.

Limberg flap is simpler. Dufourmentel flap has a wider base and theoretically better blood. The Dufourmentel flap is most useful when the acute angle of the defect is between 60⁰ and 90⁰.



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