Bascom Cleft Lift

Cleft Lift Diagram

- antibiotics
- buttocks are pressed together and the line of outer skin contact (“rim trails”) is marked
- prone general anaesthetic with buttocks taped apart, prepped, and draped
- 1cm thick skin flap is raised on the side of the gluteal cleft having the lesser amount of disease
- tapes holding the buttocks are released allowing the skin flap to be pulled over to the opposite side to the rim trails to determine the extent of excision
- disease process is excised along with the skin (some leave scar tissue behind)
- wound is drained and closed in layers

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Cleft Lift Procedure

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Immerman SC. Treatment of pilonidal disease using the Bascom 'Cleft-Lift' procedure. The American Surgeon. 2014;80(2): E49-50