Patient impact of Pilonidal Sinus Disease

Patient impact

  • Patrick Demers Korsgaard MD
  • Marlene Sørensen
  • Allan Gorm Pedersen
  • Mikkel Lønborg Friis
  • Susanne Haas
Keywords: Pilonidal sinus, pilonidal cyst, quality of life, QoL, symptom-based questionnaire


Introduction: It is commonly assumed that chronic pilonidal sinus disease (PSD) decreases quality of life (QoL) and fitness for work. However very little evidence exists to support this. The aim of this study was to explore the impact of chronic PSD including impact on QoL using two different questionnaires.

Methods: No disease specific questionnaire exists. Patients with chronic PSD filled in one of two questionnaires before undergoing Cleft Lift surgery. The questionnaires’ ability to capture the impact of the condition was evaluated.

Results: 256 patients with chronic PSD filled in questionnaires. Ninety-five filled in the Eq-5D-3L QoL. 161 completed a symptom-based questionnaire made in our department. Both groups were comparable by age, gender and onset of symptoms. Using the Eq-5D-L3 we found no difference in any of the five questions compared to the general Danish population. Using the symptom-based score 51 ± 8.9% of patients reported that PSD affected their QoL and 36 ± 7.5% that it affected their fitness to work.

Conclusion: The Eq-5D-L3 questionnaire was not able to capture the impact of PSD in patients’ health status. However, the symptom-based questionnaire revealed that patients are indeed impacted by chronic PSD and that a validated disease specific questionnaire is warranted. 


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