International Pilonidal Sinus Disease Conference 2017

International Pilonidal Sinus Disease Conference 2017

23 September 2017

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Hotel Grunewald Bezirk Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Kronprinzessinnenweg 120, 14129 Berlin, Germany

 International Pilonidal Sinus Disease Conference 2017

International Pilonidal Sinus Disease Conference

23 September 2017

Grunewald Hotel in Berlin.

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Steven Immerman - USA
Dietrich Doll - Germany
Mosche Gips - Israel
Roland Andersson - Sweden



Welcome - Dietrich Doll
Pilonidal Sinus Journal - Peter Wysocki
Clinical - Friederike Bosche
History - Burhan Hakan Kanat
Patterns over time - Dietrich Doll
Economic aspects - Sven Petersen
Sweating and PSD - Katharina Wieferich
Microbiology - Arda Isik
Hidradenitis vs PSD - Diego Segre
Trends in recurrence rate - Maja Diekmann
Classification / Staging - Ekmel Tezel
Staging part 2 - Ali Guner
Classification discussion  
PSD - German Guidelines - Igor Iesalnieks
PSD - Italian Guidelines - Luigi Basso
Turkish experience - Ahmet Karaca


Gips technique - Moshe Gips
EPSiT - Marco Milone
Overview of Rhombic flaps - Michael Ardelt
Bascom cleft lift - Asha Senapati
Management of perianal pilonidal sinus disease - Steven Immerman
Limberg flap: How I Do It & Results - Michael Ardelt
Karydakis flap: How I Do It & Results - Peter Wysocki
Mutaf technique - Ibrahim Sahiner
Larger and unconventional flaps - Björn Krapohl
Modified Lord–Millar operation - Roland E Andersson
Anaesthesia and risks - Markus Lüdi


Pilonidal abscess - Arda Isik
Primary open treatment - Johannes Jongen
Rx: Tension-free primary closure - Fatih Altintoprak
Rx: Pit picking - Igor Iesalnieks
Rx: fibrin sealant - Cüneyt Kayaalp
Crystallized Phenol - Mustafa Girgin
Outcomes flap vs non-flap techniques - Sven Petersen
Treatment algorithms - Ekmel Tezel
Postoperative management - Moshe Gips
Extrasacrococcygeal PSD - Vahit Onur Gul
Nonhealing PSD wounds - Shirley Chan
Hygiene, obesity and PSD - Dietrich Doll


Is recurrent PSD different to primary? - Nils Habbe
Statistics basics and tricks - Peter Kauf
Recurrence rate relates to Followup - Verena Stauffer
RR curves: are your results good? - Dietrich Doll
Free paper presentation    
Conclusion and wrap up - Dietrich Doll & Peter Wysocki


Continuing Professional Development Program points

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

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